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I wore a comfortable binder after giving birth, but when I got home, it ended up feeling too hot and the edges on the top would roll down (or the edges from the bottom would roll up). It was difficult to get in and out of bed. 
My friend Angel suggested I buy a belly and hip shaper. She wore one and has been wearing it still. I thought I’d give it a try. I also didn’t have a good nursing bra, and I saw a few bras and camis that interested me. 

I love the fit and the material of everything I bought. Nursing bras are so soft and comfortable – not at all irritating for those sensitive nipples! And the postpartum belly & hip shaper are definitely must-haves for mommies. It shapes my body so well, and with its breathable material it doesn’t feel hot, especially living here in The Philippines. 

Also, the person you’ll be in contact with – her name is Joy – is such a doll! One cami was forgotten during the first order, but my second order was delivered the very next day! Such speedy and efficient, wonderful and excellent service. 

Investing in these products are so worth it! It made such a huge difference in overall comfort (after giving birth to Tala via C-section and exclusively breastfeeding).
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***This is not a paid advertisement. This is just based on personal experience 🙂